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imagesThis inspiration for today is passed along from my friend Sandra…Enjoy!

Happy Fabulous Friday 13th, all! There are some who believe this day’s bad luck. They walk around in fear; dreading black cats, avoiding the 13th floor, or even refusing to walk under ladders. I believe Satan has duped mankind into fearing the # 13, because of what it really represents: true, unconditional LOVE.

The # 13 equaled the number of Jesus Christ and His disciples. Jesus, who is God, who is Love, walked as a part of the 13 to give the greatest gift of Love: His life! Not to mention, He gave us the greatest Bible chapter on Love: I Corinthians 13. Perfect Love casts out all fear (I John 4:18) – His Love null and voids the stigma the # 13 evokes. So instead of walking in fear this blessed Friday 13th, walk in Love. That’s what Jesus did. God bless!