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Varied Designs

Diversity is a beautiful thing in the world today, especially diversity among people.  As an observer  I easily spot out things that are uniquely different about others. It can be the way a person smiles, talks, or even their style. Sometimes it’s their personal beliefs and perspectives or the small idiosyncrasies we all have. Diversity is what makes us interesting and who we are individually.

Original Creations

Just like a diamond we are all an exquisite design, one of a kind and uniquely created. In fact the word of God says in Psalm 139:14 ” I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” That means be happy and thank God for we were made distinct and special. Every part of us was created with purpose and it’s important that we acknowledge and accept who we are and all that we are made up to be.  We don’t have try to copy someone else or even pretend to be someone we are not because we are one of a kind originals and that makes us a whole lot of special because we have something to offer that no one else on earth can and that is our wonderful selves!

Personally Polished

Now don’t get me wrong here, although we are different that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.  Even in our original state we can always work on being our better selves without taking on a whole different nature.  If you’ve picked up some bad habits or ways that are unbecoming in this journey of life, like most of us have, simply drop them off along the way.  If there are things that you have noticed about someone else that you admire sure, go ahead and adopt it as part of your personality or lifestyle as long as it’s something positive that will help build a better you and give you more to offer to this world. Just be sure to adopt the traits and not the whole person. We still want to base the improvements on our own personality while maintaining our true character.

There are things about ourselves that we may love and then there are some things that we simply feel a certain way about but the most important thing is that we accept who we are 100% and love every part of us.  And that part we feel a certain way about well, we need to love that part enough to do something about it. 😉


Let’s do a self-reflection. Think about how happy and accepting you are with your original self and rate it honestly from 1-10? Are you displaying the authentic you? If not why not? Remember, if we aren’t already, we must start now to embrace our originality it’s worth far more than we know.


1. Name at least 3 innate qualities that you like about yourself?

2. List between 1 and 3 things that you are known for by others.

3. Is there something about you that you would like to improve upon?


I’m genuinely about a 10 on accepting the overall me. Are they’re things I want changed in the way I look or my personality. Absolutely! And yes I’m very authentic in every way, although I relate to different people in different ways I’m still being my true self I’m just showing another aspect of my personality depending on who I’m interacting with and what type of relationship I have with that person.

The 3 Things I like About Myself

I like that I am a person who accepts others just as they are and simply for who they are. I can relate best like that.

Being naturally kind is something I like about myself.

I like the fact that I take others into consideration.

3 Things I am Known For By Others

I am known for having a calm and peaceful disposition.

I am known to be a supportive person.

I am known for being creative.

Something I Would Like To Improve On

I’m actually working on my tolerance level in all areas including relationships and communications. I feel like I can be more patient in my willingness to tolerate behaviors or conditions that I don’t like or that make me uncomfortable by putting in a good amount of effort to help rectify the situation.

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