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completegratitudeGood Monday Morning!!

This is day 21 of the “21 – Day Gratitude Challenge” and it is officially over.  This was a great challenge for me again on this year.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 😉

Today’s Task: Summarize 21 – Day Gratitude Challenge

Reflect on the following questions today:

1. How has this challenge been for you?

2. What has been your favorite task(s)? Why

3. Share some things you learned from the challenge? Things you’ve learned about gratitude?

4. How do you plan to integrate gratitude in your life moving forward?

5. Is there anything other challenges or post topics you would like to see on the Simply Life blog?

Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today 

I have written 3 things I am grateful for consistently for 21 days now and have become more aware and much more appreciate of things to be grateful for in my everyday life.  After completing the challenge you may continue the gratitude journal if you like or simply reflect each day on life and all you have to be grateful for, after all it’s not by luck that we wake to see each day nor by chance that our blessings keep on flowing.

In addition to today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. As you know these 3 things can be anything, person, place or thing. It can be something you can reflect on from long ago but are grateful for today.

3 Things I am grateful for today:

1. I am grateful God’s presence in my life.

2. I am grateful to experience love from those around me.

3. I am grateful to be a part of the WordPress community with such wonderful people.

I appreciate each of you who joined me in some part of this challenge in whatever way that was.  If you have a comment about anything at all I would love to read it. I’m always ever so grateful to hear from you;-)

You’re welcome to be a part, please join us!

If you aren’t a part of the Simply Life blog don’t wait any longer. Join in on fun challenges and inspiring topics.  Let’s create a community of like-minded people and help each other live our best day each day!

Be A Blessing!