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images (3)Day -18-

Our bodies are so amazing! And that right there is all the reason we need to thank God. In fact the bible tells us that we praise Him because we are fearfully and wonderfully made;” I mean really, just think about the awesomeness of our creator to knit us together in such an incredible manner. The way our organs function, our minds ability to process and create. Or the way our body heals itself, over and over again.  I can only sit back and marvel at the works of such a magnificent God.

Today’s Task:  Choose any one (or more;-) of your bodily members and write in your journal why you are grateful for it.

I am grateful for my sight because it gifts me to see such beauty in splendor and to delight in all of God’s creations. The activity of my limbs that causes me to move about freely, such as my legs that carry me.  My arms that I use to hug and to hold. I am so very grateful for every part of me because I am truly wonderfully and fearfully made, and that I know for sure, because it says so in God’s word 😉

In addition to today’s task write 3 things you are grateful for

3 Things I am grateful for on today

1. Restful nights sleep

2. Energy throughout the day

3. The sun and the moon

Share your thoughts on today’s post. I am always excited to hear from you;-)

Be A Blessing!