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images (6)Day -17-

“We are not entitled to anything in this life, we are simple in the grips of God’s grace therefore cease complaining and simply say thank you.”

Your Task: Turn a complaint into a reason to say thanks.

Whenever you find your self complaining or being negative today, quickly replace or amend that thought with a statement of gratitude. Say for example you’re having a long day at work. You may say something like “This day is dragging, I’m so frustrated having to stay at this job all day.” Stop and look for something in that complaint that you can turn into a positive declaration of thanksgiving, and add on a simple truth such as “but it is teaching me patience, and I’m thankful to have a job to help take care of my family.” Do this throughout the day and experience a day of humility and gratitude that will replace your complaints and  change your perspective.

Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today.

In addition to today’s task, think about 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be about things that could have happened but didn’t or things that happened that you didn’t even expect.  It can be anything in your life that you are grateful for today.

The 3 things I am grateful for today:

1. Deliverance

2. Forgiveness

3. Mercy

I look forward to your response.  I’m always grateful to hear from you 😉