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enemy |ˈenəmē|

noun ( pl. -mies)

a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

Today, your task is to appreciate your adversary.

Some of us may say “I really don’t have any enemies.” Yet according to the definition listed above an enemy is anyone who is not for us.  And that can be your ex spouse, back-stabbing “friend,” rude neighbor, or even your boss who seems to intentionally overlook both you and your efforts no matter how hard you try.

Whoever are whatever our adversaries are, they are there for a purpose. That purpose could be to help us learn, grow, and/or succeed in life. The ability to appreciate your adversaries is an important step to your personal growth and success.

I have a family members who although I don’t associate with much due to negative presence is very opposing generally to everyone, as well as to me, and therefore fits the definition of an adversary in the least threatening way might I add. However, there are some things about this individual that I can appreciate.

1. I appreciate the fond memories I have of this person from my childhood.

2. I appreciate this family members talent and showmanship.

3. I appreciate this family members passionate personality.

In addition to today’s task think of 3 things you are grateful for today

The 3 things I am grateful for today are:

1. The encouragement I get from the blogging community.

2. The honor of knowing uplifting, positive people.

3.  Allowing the love of Christ to shine through me.

Feel free to share your feedback regarding this challenge in the comment section below.