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images (2)This is day 9 of the 21 – Day Gratitude Challenge. The purpose of today’s challenge is to convey our gratitude by sharing. Well, I don’t know how you feel about it but I never really looked at gratitude from this perspective before, but now that I think about it, it just makes sense.  When you are grateful for something you usually want to share that thing that you are so grateful for.

Let’s just say there is a fantastic sale going on where you pick up tons of items for a great price!! you’re going to go and share this awesome information because of your gratitude and in hopes that the person you share it with will appreciate it as much as you. Or how about when you received your salvation, you wanted to share Jesus with everyone remember?! That is because you were so thankful you naturally begin to express that gratitude by sharing the love of God with others.

Task: Share Something You are Grateful For with Someone

Think about something or someone you are grateful for that you can share with someone else.  For example, it can be a book or website, or maybe a new store or church you found out about.  Maybe it’s a person, if so you could introduce them to someone who they could connect with for the purpose of friendship, business or even ministry.

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

In addition to today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be anything from dangers seen or unseen to things or situations that you’ve reflected on and or grateful for today.

3 Things I am grateful for today

1. I’m grateful to meet and share conversation with Lisa and Kristina on today.

2. I’m grateful for starting a new employment position today.

3. I’m grateful for taking opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Share Your Results! I’m excited to hear what you have to say!