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imagesGood Monday Morning Everyone!!

Today is day 8 of the 14 – Day Gratitude Challenge and the task is to transform an ungrateful thought.

I know there are times we have ungrateful thoughts, sometimes without even realizing it.  I remembered something a teacher shared with me years ago and I have never forgotten it.  This teacher had told me of how her assistant would never clean up the food area after lunch even though it was her responsibility. When I began to respond by speaking my opinion of how that was not fair to her that she had to do additional work she stopped me abruptly to say that she didn’t mind the extra work even though it was not her responsibility. She said she felt grateful to God that she even had the energy and activity of her limbs to move around freely and get it done. I thought what an admirable attitude. Not only did it display a grateful heart but it also gave glory to God!

Lord I pray and ask you to help me daily to transform any ungrateful thoughts that come to my mind into thoughts of praise and thanksgiving unto you in Jesus name I pray. Amen 

Your Task: Transform an Ungrateful Thought

1. Observe your thoughts today or reflect on any you had this week that were ungrateful thoughts.

2. What makes this an ungrateful thought?

3. How can you transform this thought into a grateful one? Share the negative, ungrateful thought and how you transformed it into a new grateful thought in your Gratitude Journal.

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things Your Are Grateful for Today

In addition to today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. This can be situations, people, places or things. Perhaps it’s something that happened that you weren’t even expecting but you are grateful for.

3 Things I’m grateful for today:

1. The presence of the Lord.

2. The spirit of repentance.

3. The power of prayer!

Your welcome to comment about this post in the comment section below.  I look forward to hearing from you 😉