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Day 4 – Give Intentional Thanks for Your Food

At times it is so easy to disregard the everyday necessities like water, shelter, clothes and food. For some of us we feel these things are just a given.  But the very thing we at times take for granted, (even unconsciously) other’s are praying for.  Today’s task is to give thanks for our food. You may say I do that already, that’s no big deal.  Well let’s make it a big deal and take out time to be deliberate in our giving of thanks. Think about the process that took place for the food to even get to where you can consume it. The ways it will benefit your mind and body. Intentional thanksgiving will be our task on today. Let’s do it;-)

1. Take a picture of your meal (one or more of them).  Keep a personal log of what you ate today.

2. Before you dig in give thanks for your food however you choose to do so.

3.  Take your time and enjoy your food reflect on how the food came about and the process it took to get it to you on today.

For whatever reason I kept forgetting to take the picture of the food I ate…again and again 😉

What are 3 things you are thankful for on today?

1. I am thankful for a window to watch the beautiful colored leaves blown by the wind.

2. I am thankful for a healthy relationship with my son.

3. I am thankful to live in a comfortable home.