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funny-confused-baby-memeOkay fellow bloggers looks like I made a mistake on the day that I’ve posted about. Yes that one “Good Monday Morning” when in fact it is Tuesday ;=) I will leave it posted anyway because I enjoyed the study this morning while researching and reading the word to find the scriptures I wanted. But, just in case I pulled anyone else into my brief bout of confusion, it is Tuesday ;=)

You know this is funny to me because it reminds me of something my pastor was talking about at church one day. He was mentioning to the congregation how we oftentimes lose focus of what we’re doing or even become so one tracked minded we can’t focus on what else is going on around us. Let me share with you some examples, and you tell me if you have ever experienced any of these scenarios.

1. You’re searching around everywhere for your eye glasses only to have it pointed out to you that they are on your head.

2. You tell the person that you will call them back on your cell phone as soon as you find it only to realize you’re already talking on it.

3. You recruit the kids and the hubby to help you locate your keys because you have to be somewhere important. You look for over 10 minutes when you finally notice you have them in your hand.

How about you guys and gals, do you have a funny story that you wouldn’t mind telling us about for a good laugh?

Be A Blessing!