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Have you ever found yourself in a place in your life where everything seemed in such disarray?  As though your life was simply not operating as it should, priorities were confused and the scales of your world were clearly tipping in the wrong direction. Relationships, dreams, finances, personal time, spiritual investments, health/fitness were all out-of-order.  There are seasons when life becomes so overwhelming that it leaves us feeling as though we are tottering on the ledge of defeat. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, and for me that is not a place mentally or emotionally that I frequently visit.  I’m an individual that needs order and balance. It helps me to dwell in freedom and peace, unburdened with the stress of life that many of us can often times find ourselves in when we’re not properly covered with the word of God.

Well, you can best believe I am not just going to sit here and talk about it. Like I said before I don’t frequent here often and I definitely won’t be staying long.  So guess what I did?  you guessed it, I talked to God about it and came up with some things that I believe will help get me back in balance.

Power up my prayer life.

Rev up the reading of the word.

Immerse myself in God’s presence.

Purpose my praise.

Declare God’s glory!

Fight the good fight of faith.

…and when I’ve done all I can, I’ll stand and wait on the salvation of The Lord.  These action are bound to fill my spiritual scale and get things back in balance. Even better than that they’re sure to tip the scales of life in my favor. ; -)

What do you do when your life scale is unbalanced?