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beeeIt’s the weekend and today is a beautiful day.  So what are you going to do with it? Well if you haven’t made plans yet perhaps I can be of assistance.  I’ve come up with a few wonderful ways that you can spend today and the upcoming days having fun.


nhymh1. Picnic In The Park – Why not, it doesn’t take much if any set up at all.  Simply pack a tote of some of your favorite eats, maybe some fruit and water.  Grab a blanket to lie on the grass, an mp3 player or other device that can play your favorite songs, a friend or a book. Find a park or an open area of grass with nice views and enjoy. Can’t get any simpler than that ;=)

phill2. Take A Hike – Literally.  Locate trails in your area and see when the next group hike is scheduled.  Or set up a time to meet with a friend, it’s always better to go with someone else just for safety precautions and company. Take along a first aid kit, stay hydrated, dress appropriately and enjoy the scenery.

hm h3. Day At The Lake – Get your sunscreen, call the family and get to the lake. There’s much to do at the lake, you may want to lounge in the sun with a good book. Set up camp and throw some food on the grill. Take a cruise tour, or how about renting a paddle boat and get a little exercise while having fun at the same time. Whatever it is you decide to do at the lake, enjoy!

bfgn4. Swap And Shop – This is a place where there is a little bit of everything to choose from.  Enjoy some walking, food, and seeing all types of people and merchandise.  Everything from garage sale items to huge inventory of new items like t-shirts, hat’s and even things like cologne and produce. You can even set up your own goods for sale. This is definitely a one stop shop for an adventure shopper like me, and a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday!

pi5. Pick Apples – Visit an apple orchard to learn about the different types of apple trees, and of course pick some apples to take home with you. Later in the summer during apple picking season will be the best time for this outing . If available take a hayride and drink some cider.  This will be a great way to spend the day with family, and maybe even starting a family tradition.

hytyht6. Capture The Moments – Take pictures of anything that draws your eye. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to spot things that catch your attention, stop, focus and capture the moment. just grab your camera, Ipad, or even cell phone and start snapping pictures.  Be broad and think outside the box regarding your subjects. It will be exciting afterwards to see the things and people who interest you and why. Try to be creative and have fun with it. You never know, you may  find that you’re a natural and become a world-famous photographer, okay, okay I’m pushing it, well at least realize a new hobby. ;=)

ghf7. Surprise A Friend – For no reason at all stop by a friends and give them an unexpected gift.  Something simple, just to say I’m thinking about you. A  plant for the house, a book by their favorite author that they hadn’t had time to purchase yet, a bouquet of flowers picked straight from your garden, a handmade card personalized just for them.  If they have kids, give them a coupon for one free night of baby-sitting from you, or make them a music playlist of their favorite songs. Simply surprise them with the unexpected gesture that says I’m thinking about you and you’re special.  That should make their day ;=)

j,h8. Play In The Dirt – During the hotter month’s there’s always something to do in the yard. Hey, if you’re anything like me and not to knowledgeable about landscaping, gardening and things of that nature.  Look up a video tutorial to learn some basic of planting and just go for it! Dig a hole and plant a seed, I mean really what’s the worst that can happen.  Talk to someone in Lawn and Garden and try potting a flower, then planting something on the side or back of the house, eventually building your “green thumb” confidence.  Who knows, pretty soon you’ll be planting small gardens in the back and landscaping the front for curb appeal. If not, simply have fun playing in the dirt ;=)

fam9. Enjoy The Life Of A Kid – We’re all a kid at heart anyway, don’t you agree.  So why not gather some “fun love” your kids, nieces and nephews, the neighbors kids and any adults that want to have fun enjoying the day as a kid. Turn on the water hose and get wet, use chalk to write on the sidewalk and drive way. Marking out a game of hopscotch will be great. Play some kick ball or dodgeball.  And no one wants to miss out on a game of freeze tag, and hide-and-seek. I can’t promise you that you won’t be sore afterwards but it will be time well spent, and the kids will love you for it;=)

nhn10. Be In The Moment – Simply exist. This may be different and perhaps even difficult for some of us, but choose a tranquil place inside or outside and just relax for a designated amount of time.  Not being surrounded by or concerned with anything or anyone. Listen to some quiet music playing or your own heart beat. If you’re outside, close your eyes and hear the sounds of the birds and the wind. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Experience the smell of grass and flowers. Or even better the peace of quiet meditation. Believe me, it will be good and refreshing to your overall well-being ;=)

Enjoy The Day!