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fyuStart A Vegetable Garden.  This is something I have thought about doing for maybe two years now, but clearly have no clue as where or how to start so any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. However, I do know that gardening can benefit by adding home-grown nutrition to your diet, provide exercise, save you money, and  possibly turn into a stress reliever or a hobby.

Fertilize And Beautify The Lawn. I think the hubby and I will be working a little on this project starting tomorrow morning.  Having a healthy lawn that’s well maintained makes for awesome curb appeal.  Fertilizing your lawn will help encourage healthy, grass and plant growth, and provide weed control while helping you attain a well maintained, and lush lawn. You’ll feel good about your property and your neighbors will too.

Revive Patio Furniture. You can really have fun making your outdoor atmosphere anyway you want it. Add some flowers, large colorful potted plants, an outdoor rug. If you have furniture that has been sitting up over the winter make sure to wash down to rid it of any old cob webs or dust.  If you’re not planning to buy new outdoor furniture pieces but want to revive the old, a can of spray paint will do wonders. They even offer special types to use for metal, plastic or wicker furniture.  Purchase new, or reupholster your outdoor pillows using your choice of an outdoor fabric material that represents you. If you want to incorporate a bench swing, hammock, or a gazebo the choice is yours.  It may be a long hot summer headed our way so make your outdoor area a place to enjoy.

Clean And Repair Screens And Windows.  You may or may not have gotten to those windows during your spring cleaning.  If not, this is a good time to do so.  While going through cleaning your windows both inside and out make sure to check for cracks in windows or tears in screens. Repair any damage if needed to ensure your not letting in any pesky insects this summer.

Make Sure The Air Is Circulating. The last thing any of us wants is to be caught in the dead of summer with no air or good circulation. One thing you can do to prepare is make sure you turn on your central air or window air conditioner to see if it is in working order. Also make sure your outdoor unit is clear and free of all debris.  If you have an attic fan check to ensure there are no problems and it’s in good working condition as well.  Get out those window fans and spray them down with a water hose to remove dirt and grime that has settled on them.  Also don’t forget to clean HVAC vents and change the filters all before the scorching days of summer arrives.

Not just during summer months but throughout the year it is wise to find professionals who can make repairs of your home when needed.  Have a list of contact name and numbers such as a Heating/Cooling technician, Plumber, and  General Repairman who can provide quality and affordable service. If you need to, get referrals from family members or friends, this will give you a chance to hear personal reviews. Another thing, if you don’t already have a home warranty it would be a good idea to look into getting one to help protect against costly breakdowns.  Provided you already have a home warranty in place make sure it hasn’t expired.  Let’s prepare for the best summer yet!


Be A Blessing!