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Jesus risen

Unselfishly died on Calvary
Oh how you gave your life for me
Bruised, scorned, crowned your head with thorns , no greater love performed, for me
Nails in your hands, nails in your feet, pierced in your side could barely breathe,
Could of came down, yet you remain
Standing in awe of the price you paid

I never knew of a love so true
You gave your life and still I hurt you
Lost so many times, crucified you again, but I repent
Forgive me for my sins

You paid it all , up on the cross
You bled and died, cause I was lost
So here I am, surrendering all
Lord hear my cry, on my knees I fall
You paid it all , all , you paid it all , all, you paid it all , all , all you paid it all.

I realize I’m no good (oooh) ain’t no money I can pay
in exchange for the blood, you shed, shed for my sins (shed for my sins, yeah)
So I surrender my heart, my life ,my all, as a living sacrifice Lord I give up everything that’s not pleasing in your sight, so I can have everlasting life

You gave up your image, you sacrificed, so that this ol’ boy can have everlasting life
You gave up your glory, so I can have my story
And I want to tell you Lord (ohhohh)

You paid it all up on the cross, you bled and died ( oooh ohh )

(threw it in to the sea)