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nhgmjnEver get tired of the same thing day after day? But not quite sure what to do about it? Not only that, but you can’t yet afford the vacation of your dreams so what do you do? Repeat the same things day after day.  I know you can relate to what I’m saying. Life can get boring every now and then, I mean from the activities we do, to the places we go, and the food we eat.  Sometimes I just want more variety and surprise.

So I was thinking, I can make up my on day of excitement every now and then. It will definitely be fun and memorable.

Simply grab a friend, friends are even go alone. Hop in the car and start driving, making stops wherever you want just have an unusually good time. Meaning don’t go anywhere you have been before. Explore a little, go to an area of the city you seldom go to, or visit the closest city or state over. Try horseback riding, or visit a farm.  Take a helicopter ride over the city, plan a scavenger hunt, eat at a restaurant that you’ve never even heard of, better yet make it an adventure and try some new foods you hadn’t even tasted before. Take pictures, talk to strangers, and have a ball! You can even make this into a weekend event and delight in experiencing great adventures without spending much money or traveling to far.

Let’s stop the repeats by adding a little spice to our life and have an unusually good time doing it…Enjoy!!