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nnSpring is in the air and change is in motion. So far the weather has gotten me out of that gray winter slum.  I’ve been on the go enjoying any hint of sunshine and  embracing every breeze of the wind.  I must say it’s absolutely wonderful. Before I get to caught up in making plans to spend time out in about in the beautiful weather, I’m going to get my spring cleaning started and finished (which will probably take a nice long week). I’ll share with you how I plan to do it.


Plan Ahead

First off, plan to block out some time each day within a week to work on each room. Make sure to have all the items needed to clean each room in advance will make the task easier and overall you can do a more efficient job.

Family Members Out The House

Another great advantage of getting your spring cleaning done easier is to clear the house of anyone who will not be helping out. You can Pre purchase tickets for the show, zoo, or maybe a planned day at the park for your family members to be out the house for a couple of hours leaving you time to focus and get the work done. If someone volunteers to stay and help make sure you have a specific task list for them to follow so they will be a help and not a hindrance.

It’s All In The Details

Before Getting started make a detailed list of the general areas and specific items that you’ll be working on. These will be focused items for the specified time your working in that day. For example; Monday schedule three hours to work on the kitchen. Needed will be clean rags, vinegar and water solutions. Wash baseboards (freshen up paint if needed), cabinets, clean inside and out (remove all products, wipe down, and trash anything that has expired or is no longer of use). This is also a great time to donate any canned or dry goods to your local Harvesters.

Take It From The Top

I know in general I can sometimes be sporadic in my cleaning which only takes up more time, leaves me exhausted and work unfinished.  I found out it’s a good idea to pick a room stay with that room until it is completely finished. Starting with the ceilings and ending with the floor cleaning everything in between.

Alright, so those are my basic tips for getting spring cleaning.  Now let’s “get er done!” ;=)