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,hWarm weather is here and I’ve been getting up, out, and active.  Enjoying life and starting to rid myself of some of those extra pounds that I invited to sit with me during that long winter I spent being inactive for the most part. None of that matters now, the deed is done.  What does matter is that I have my mind set on getting my body into its best shape, strong, toned, and free of the extra…wieght that is.  Just so you know I’m not even close to being one of those health and exercise enthusiast in fact I wouldn’t even say I enjoy physical exercise  but, I will say I am one of those people who come to a point where they know what needs to be done and does it.  Simple as that.

So that’s how I ended up on my elliptical for 48 minutes, yes 48 whole minutes.  Whew I’m out of breath just thinking about it.  LOL. Just kidding, although completing the elliptical workout is a strong challenge and takes mental and physical fortitude, I really look forward to completing it each time.  One because I actually complete it, and two because I actually complete it! That little beep that signals the end also signals to me that I am victories once again!! And for me personally that’s such an accomplishment, because to be honest with you, for a long time if I was doing something that caused a struggle or too much pain and discomfort I would soon walk away without completing the mission at hand.

mhgRecently,  I’ve been weighing out the worth of a thing before I decide to commit or walk away. If it’s worth it to me, I’ll make an conscious effort to commit to the end.  Although, I am now able to discern much better when to commit to the challenge and when it’s not at all necessary.  It’s all about wisdom, growth and being led by the Holy Spirit.   My committment to perseverance will only cause success both in the natural and in the spiritual. I’ve come up with three principles that work to help through struggles and challenges of any kind, check them out I’m sure they can be of value to anyone when applied.

Count up the cost – Before you even begin know what you are facing consider its worth, how important it is to you and how you will benefit from it.  Make sure you are prepped in ready mind, soul and body making a conscious committment so that you’re better able to see whatever it is your facing through to completion.

Thank God in advance – Pray about it.  Yes, even something like exercise because God is concerned about everything that concerns us.  Ask Him for His grace and wisdom. Believe and receive it in faith, thank Him in advance for the victory and get moving!

Be Grateful – The act of just being grateful actually serves well with me getting through what has to be done.  When you change your murming and complaining from things like “I hate this machine” “Exercise is the worst” and take on an attitude of gratitude speaking things such as “Thank God for the activities of my limbs” “I’m so happy for wisdom to make healthy choices” “Praise God for breath in my body” yep, I think having that perspective will keep you going just a little while longer. ;=)

See it before you see it – When it starts to seem unbearable and I feel that I’m going to quit at any minute, in this case I’m speaking of the elliptical.  I begin seeing myself as if I have already completed the time that was allotted. I imagine the beep has sounded and I’ve finished the course.  If need be I will repeat aloud “I did it!”  “I did it!” until it’s actually done. Uncommon for some but, for me it works, and besides it sounds much better saying than “I’m not going to quit” “I’m not going to quit.”  and the next thing you know…you quit. ;=)

What are some things you do to so you don’t give in to giving up or throwing in the towel?