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What an unexpected and awesome surprise to be nominated by fellow blogger Joe Bradshaw at Iamforchange’s Blog for the Shauny Award! It is such a blessing to know that God is using the content presented on Simply Life blog to be a positive inspiration in the life of others. So thank you to Joe Bradshaw for this award.  I very much appreciate the acknowledgement and kindness in sharing.

Although this award has no rules and nothing needs to be done after receiving one.  I think I will take the lead of Joe Bradshaw and share an act of kindness to other bloggers if for no other reason than to pass it on and to say I appreciate the work they are doing and the information they share on their blog.  Of course all the blogs I follow benefit and add goodness to the way I think,  feel, or act in someway or another, but I decided to narrow it down to 10 nominees for the Shauny Award on today just to say thank you for your blogging contribution of excellence.

1. Let’s Reach Success



4. Young Wife, Christian Life

5. B is for Blessed

6. Labelle Estelle Photography

7. booklovers1

8. Spirit-Filled Reflections

9. speaking of marriage

10. aviesplace

Have a “Marvelous Monday” everyone!