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ggreAfter receiving an unexpected text today from an individual I haven’t heard from in a while saying they were thinking about me.  I began pondering about the people I’ve been blessed to know and have built relationships with, whether those living or even some who have passed on. Many of them have a special  place in my heart. Some I haven’t spoken to in a long time now, but they are still special.  I decided that I will take time out and call to express to them my gratitude for their friendship, and to others how much I miss them.  If you have friends are loved one’s you haven’t spoken to in a long time I encourage you to take a minute and share with them what a wonderful friend they are, how much you miss them, or how you appreciate them being a blessing in your life. Whatever it is, just do it.  You’ll never know the difference it will make until you do.  Enjoy your Friday!!