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cscIt’s Fridayyy!! and even though I know you celebrate everyday, you’re probably laying the excitement on thick today. ;=) Well for any of you who have plans of staying home or hanging with friends and family and possible tired of the same routine with the Wii or monopoly I have some great games you can incorporate into your evening that are sure to set the atmosphere for some good simple fun, laughter and friendly competition.  And not only are these games absolutely free, but there are no boards, game pieces or any other equipment required!!

Word Connect

This game is easiest played with two players but you can add more.

1. Agree on a word.  Any word. Player #1 begins with that word.

2. Player two repeats player #1’s word and adds a word that relates or can connect to that word and they go back and forth until one player is out.

EXAMPLE: Player #1- tree.

Player #2-tree, leaves.

Player #1-tree, leaves, green.

Player #2 – tree, leaves, green, grass

The game goes back and forth until one player repeats, forget, or can’t think of a connecting word. (Only 3 seconds to say a word or you’re out.  No stalling.)  Great fun! We play it on road trips.

The Sub Is In

This is a memory game where you substitute numbers for themed words and go for speed with no lagging in between. (This game is better with 4 or more players).

Example: Let’s say the players decide to count to 25, and the theme is names from the bible.

1. Start the count beginning with 1 going from person to person 1..2…3…

2. On multiples of 5, the person who says the number makes the rule where the number becomes a themed word.  For instance; the person who lands on 5 could say, “the word for 5 is “Adam.’

3. The counting continues, the person who lands on 15 could say, “the word for 15 is replaced with Sarah.”

4. The person on 25 makes a third rule, and the counting starts over at one, with the new words replacing the numbers. This round the words can be replaced on multiples of 3.  The object of the game is to get to where all numbers have been replaced by a word.  Whoever forgets to replace a number is out.

Group Story

This game can get really creative. Players come up with a topic and the story begins. (Let’s say this story is about a ball).

1. Example: First person starts the story with a sentence – The big red ball bounced high.

2. The second person who repeat the sentence of the first person and then contribute a meaningful single sentence to help develop the story futher – The big red ball bounced high. Then a furious wind blew the big red ball  in the sky.

3. Each player adds to the story with a sentence until the story is over and no one can add anymore to it.  The goal here is to be creative and keep the story developing while making sense.

Enjoy your friday everyone!!