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rervMost of us can remember the song when we were little “Jesus Loves Me” the lyrics actually go something like this; “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.” Even now we can know the love that God has for us just by reading the bible. We can repeat it aloud to ourselves to make it personal. When we have prayer and worship unto the Lord we are inviting in His presence.  During those times we will physically feel His presence and in doing so experience His love for us. Especially during quiet meditation the Lord will communicate His love to you.

hndA good idea for us to see His love is to record it. We can use a journal, old notebook or diary, even a personal hand-held recorder will work.  It doesn’t matter, the purpose is to record the ways our Father in heaven shows His love for us each and everyday and in so many various ways. I’ll share with you some of the ways He has shown His love to me just from the time I woke up until now…and these are just to name a few.

  • A call confirming an answered prayer regarding a family facing a trial.
  • Divine provision in several areas.
  • Revelation through spending time in His word.
  • Peace of mind (even when things seem to be going wrong).
  • Encouragement from my husband and friend.
  • Thoughts and memories of His goodness and grace.

nhgThis will be a wonderful reminder that shows us that we are God’s beloved, precious in His sight, the apple of His eye. It’s important that we not only know that God loves us but that we always acknowledge  and give thanks for His unconditional love and kindness allowing it to build us up in the most holy faith.