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jtytWhile loving and accepting others is an awesome act, it is also important and necessary that we love ourselves. Some of us admittedly have a hard time doing this. Possible because of past experiences, low self-esteem or not being shown or ever having an example of self-love. I’m sharing three wonderful ways to love yourself just as God in Heaven loves you! Try it… I’m sure you’ll like it;-)

Forgive and Let Go

dbStop punishing yourself and holding on to past mistakes and sins. No matter how bad, embarrassing or shameful they were. Learn to forgive yourself and begin to love yourself with the love that is within you.  Know that God holds no sins against you. He has forgiven you and remembers your sins no more and so should you. Isaiah 43:25.

Get Rid Of Self Criticism

jmghEliminate that voice inside that berates you and tells you things like you’re not pretty enough, not smart enough or not worthy. Spend time loving yourself and accepting yourself with the truth of the word. Refuse and replace those lies by speaking the word of God in affirmations. For instance say to yourself everyday  “I am wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God” Genesis 1:26-27 and Psalms 139:14

Fall In Love With You

ewcBegin to really saturate yourself the word  of God and as you do you will find that you are becoming more and more like Jesus.  You will start to expect good things that are rightfully your’s as a child of God.  You will speak and treat yourself with love and respect accepting who you really are and falling in with the person God created you to be.