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tyeMaybe you’ve noticed already but this month in particularly at least until the 14th our theme here on Simply Life and More Than Words is that awesome word LOVE!!!. We are sharing a lot about love and the different ways it is or can be infused into our lives and in the lives of others.  Let’s see, we posted about most importantly Love Himself (God), we shared several acts of love, and even gave the definition of the different types of love.

Bilingual For Your Love

Today I was thinking about what other ways I could show love demonstrated. And then it came to me after going over some of the readings in the book The 5 Love languages by Gary Chapman. I found that although couples may love and even be in love with one another they don’t always know the correct way to show that person because they’re not speaking their spouses love language.  It seems that most times the love you try to show your spouse is actually the love YOU want from them. For instance I try to keep the house nice and clean with food on the table (most times;-) but he doesn’t seem quite satisfied, appreciative but not satisfied.  On the other hand he may bring me small gifts home or call with words of love and affirmation and believe me that’s all great but what I would really love it if we could both work together on scraping the back deck or maybe even sitting together watching a movie without him channel surfing or hitting the rewind button so many times I forget what the movies all about.  Yes, those are some of the things I desire that would show his sacrificial love for me. Ahh, my heart just flutters at the thought. ;=)  Isn’t that funny…but it’s true.

I Can See Clearly Now

As I’m reading the 5 Love Languages I can see more clearly in my own marriage how we sometimes miss that love mark.  My husband and I have been together many years and are best friends so I can boldly say with out a doubt that my husband knows everything about me including the things that make me feel loved and I feel the same about him.  So how is it we miss the mark on showing that love?  I think I can answer that, because for many not all, because I understand some couples have gotten the ball and ran with it already ;=) but for those of us who missed it, it’s because we are not speaking the love language of our spouse.

Make It Plain

So what do we do about this?  How can we make it better? How about both you and your spouse create a love list of the special ways you like for the other to show love to you. It can be anything from how you like it when you two spend quality time together, or how you appreciate when he puts the toilet seat down, to listing how it would mean so much for you two to have daily devotion together.  Whatever it is write it down and make it plain. In return you both will know exactly what you can do to speak the other’s love language by loving them the way they want to be loved. What an excellent sacrifice, and it’s a way to communicate without any doubt that you are pleasing your spouse by putting their wants first and making them happier than they already are. I think I’ll get started on mine now. ;=) How about you?

Are you putting your love first? If so share.  We’d love to hear from you.