Okay, so recently I was having a conversation with my husband and it most certainly felt like we were speaking to totally different languages. Things were clearly being said but for some reason or another when the word left from the mouth and reached the ear things seemed to be mistranslated causing undue frustration to say the least. I’ve been praying a way to figure out how to handle such confusion and clear the line so to speak so that our conversation and message can get through clear and then we can experience fruitful dialogue and resolutions. So today it just so happen that I was going through Winifred Reilly’s post on her blog Speaking of marriage and came across a post called the Twelve Essential Qualities of Masterful Listening. I read it and BAM!! The flood lights came on. It was just the tools I needed to help me with the communication barrier I was facing. I consider myself a great listener but I can see by reading this article that it’s an art to it. So I’m going to take this wonderful article to heart and share it with my husband 😉 I thought it would be great to share with you all too. Enjoy and be sure to check out more of Winifred’s insightful post!

Speaking of Marriage

“Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention.” — Rachel Naomi Remen

For many of us, what someone says and what we hear may be wildly divergent.

“When can we talk?” can easily translate to “Uh, oh. I’m in the doghouse.”

“You look fine,” can become “he hates what I’m wearing.”Tin can phone

Clearly, listening is not simply about hearing the words someone says.

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