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toolsSo we’re well on our way January is about over and a blessed year await us as we make plans to do better and be better in every aspect of our lives right? So what’s the plan? How do we intend on getting from A to B? I’ve personally considered this question and have determined that I can implement some tools that will help make life easier along the way. I’ll share them with you below:

Planners –  Planners are one of my favorite tools for helping me keep me on track.  A planner can be used to help you get the most out of your day and keep you as productive as possible. Some provide a to-do-list and even time slots for you to break task and activities down to the hour. Planners also allow you to see the big picture by noting anything that has been scheduled from months to even a year or more out. Using a planner reduces stress, and keeps you abreast of previously made  commitments so you won’t double-booked and keeps you prioritized and organized.

budgetMoney Management – Getting and staying in control of our finances  will be a cinch with easy to use finance tools and calculators that are offered just about everywhere. You can track all income and expenses to see where every dime goes, and even monitor your banking account.  These tools can assist you to start a budget, pay bills, and begin a savings goals for a desired vacation or any other future endeavors. You can check out Mint.com it’s a popular and free online tool to manage your finances.

Diet & Exercise Tracker – Just about everyone wants to get in shape and lose weight and it’s good to know there are things out there that can assist us in meeting that goal. MyFitnessPal is one of many calorie counter apps that is used to help you lose weight by allowing you the benefit of tracking your food and activity as you go. Programs like this encourages weight loss through ongoing record keeping so that you know when you get off track and can quickly get back on. With MyFitnessPal you will have a community of people with like goals where you can support one another.

Journaling – Journaling can be very therapeutic in that it can help you to catalog and process life events and even learn from them. It helps us to think through problems and goals. We can also take time out to   express our hearts freely with no feed-back needed. A place all our own where we can share ideas, dreams, and visions and record them as they come to pass.

So what do you think?  Are these tools that you already use or may consider? Share with us some things you will be implementing this year to help keep your life in order.