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It’s a new year and many of us have made resolves to better ourselves in the different areas of our life that we deem not as successful as we would like.  So what’s stopping us? What will we do differently this time that will make that change  that we so want and cause it to last.  I’ve thought about it and come up with a list of things that I believe will help settle the insane cycle of delays that keeps many of us from becoming and achieving all that we desire.


  •  Pen It  – Write down your goals and work on them daily.  A journal will help you keep track of goals, progress, and any set backs you may encounter. Keeping a journal is good  motivation for you to continue your journey toward success. So get pen in hand and ready to write down all your accomplishments!
  •  Envision It – Create a vision board to help you envision your desired future and keep it before you. There are different ways to design vision boards using everything from magazine cut-outs, various quotes and phrases.You might even want to use free online tools like Pinterest to create your vision board? Share the board with social media friends and family members who can cheer you on to achieving your dreams.
  •  Link Up – Search out and position yourself around people who are already doing or who have had success at doing what you want to do. You can do this by joining community forums, visiting blogs that share tips and information on things your interested in. Research people in your area who are willing to mentor.
  • Stick To It – Most importantly don’t quit until your vision has been manifested.

I encourage you as well as myself to make the changes we need to experience the difference we want.