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A new year to reflect on the last

To release the past- remembering to learn the lessons it offered- without my asking
A chance to face the newness of last years tears- consoled by this years anticipated
new beginnings
A new year to wrap away the last-with old Christmas gift wrappings and present to my old self
Because the new year has better gifts for me
Gifts that makes last year a faded memory- with only flashbacks of lost loves
And choked tears
Great moments that refused to hold on to me- and agonizing ones that wouldn’t release me
A new year to experience the Love of God that exceeds its capacity beyond my greatest need
At the same time this love – I await it’s continued transforming ability
And the things my God has promised me
A new year I humbly enter in- knowing that others were unable to make the count down with me
The last year swallowed their laughter- attempting to dissipate the very image of their smiles
But I’m thankful that the new year gives out sampled dreams and snapshot photographs -familiar places won’t disappear with last years snatch
A new year to have intentional purpose for God and fulfillment-that will fill the voids of last years self-centeredness
Giving everything in this new year more meaning
A new year- bringing newness by demand
Therefore a new me- a new creation- new lover and friend
I gladly take this New Year by the hand praying- fear, criticism,doubt and everything YOU struggle with fell off of YOU as soon as the count down began
To make this a
Happy New Year!!!!!