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English: Portrait of a girl from Portugal(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four people were in an airplane which was going to crash so they all had to parachute out. The problem was that there were only three parachutes so they began discussing who would get the chutes. The first man said that he ran an orphanage and that dozens of children depended on him for survival, so he took a chute and jumped out.

The second man said “I have a PhD in Nuclear Physics, Biology and Law and since I am the smartest man in the world, the world needs me,” so he jumped out.

An old retired farmer and a school girl were the two left. The old man said “You take the chute. I have lived a long and full life and I am looking forward to going to heaven.”

The school girl replied, “No need, there are still two parachutes left. The smartest man in the world just jumped out with my book bag.”

This is a reblog originally titled 1 schoolgirl, 3 men in a plane joke from Brad Stanton on “Give Me Five Minutes A Day and I’ll Give You a Happier More Successful Life!”

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