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hgWe all know winter weather can do a number on you if you’re not ready for it.  I’m talking about the exposure to colds and flu’s, social hibernation, and a higher risk for weight gain…at least for me because all I want to do is stay in the house cozy on the couch watching movies and eating.  The winter weather can also cause you to fall into mundane attitudes and even face the possibility of becoming depressed due to the lack of vitamin D which is definitely not a good thing.  So with all that being said I thought it would be a good idea to search out tips and suggestions to help fight the power of the winter blues.

7 Suggestions To Help Fight The Wintertime Blues:

1. Max the Light – Get outside whenever you can to enjoy the daylight hours. Go for a walk, if you’re at work take lunch outside if possible. Open curtains and or blinds  during the day, so that you can experience more daylight hours. The fresh air and sunlight will give you a mental boost.

2. Multivitamins – Since we know our Vitamin D is lacking in the winter because the small amount of sun rays. A good multivitamin containing vitamin D-3 will help with energy levels.

3. Dress in Your Best – For the winter cold we need to dress in our best and most appropriate articles of clothing.  Try layering your clothes, wear thermal underwear and make sure you have everything needed to keep your hands, head and feet warm.

4. Savor the Simple – Take this time to enjoy the simple things with family and friends.  Have a cup of cocoa or hot tea while enjoying good conversation, have game night with family or you can just relax by taking the time to catch up on some good reading.  Anything that adds variety and interest and keeps you from getting in a rut will be great.

5. Exercise – Studies have shown that exercise releases chemicals in our brain that helps us be more alert and lowers our stress levels.  Exercise also is said to help relieve signs of depression. A daily exercise routine or even a brisk 30 minute walk will help one feel good both physically and mentally.

6. Make the Best Of It – If it snows find a hill and go sledding, have a snowball fight or build a snowman.  Build a fire and have a candlelit dinner.  Sing songs, share stories and cook S’mores around a bonfire.

7. Stay Disciplined – It’s easy to dwell in the comforts of food during the winter months. Avoid having to many sweets, instead switch them out for fruit parfait’s, yogurt or high-quality carbs.  These foods calm your mood, keep your weight maintained and counteract that sweet tooth.

What are the weapons you use to fight the winter time blues? Share so we all can make it through together 😉