Recently I’ve witnessed a couple of situations that I would say personally got way out of hand.  You know overdramatised, exaggerated, just plain blown out of proportion.  This is what some would say is “making a mountain out of a molehill” This doesn’t only occur through conflicts with others but in any area you allow. such as making everyday decisions, handling business, and even dealing with personal life challenges.

Say for example you make a mistake at work that causes the company money.  Your boss points it out to you and suggest ways to avoid the mistake in the future.  He then ask that you stop by His office in the morning before you go to your desk.  Immediately your mind begins to race and for the rest of the day you play back the situation over and over again in detail with each recollection being more exaggerated than the first. You begin to share to everyone in the office you think you may be getting terminated so you go ahead and pack up your desk.  On the way home you can’t even concentrate on the road, dinner just makes your stomach turn even the more and sleep that night is non-existent for you being that your mind is still reeling and you’re trying to think of what you will say to your  boss the next day.  Will your co- workers become emotional, do you have enough money saved in the bank until you can obtain new employment. An on and on you go.  Until you return to work the next day only to find your boss had company workbooks for you to go over to help you in the very area you made the mistake. What!?…Right.

I know, I know that illustration was extreme but that’s how some of us behave when we allow that molehill to turn into a mountain. We dwell in a place we imagined all our own and it leads us into undo stress, worries, panic-attacks and even sickness all because we made a mountain out of a molehill.

When we experience different situations in which something causes us to have stress or concern we have options on how to handle them.  We can either choose to free our hearts and minds by giving the problem over to the Lord trusting Him to handle it or we can dwell on it until it is magnified to something greater than it actually is.

Here are some suggestions that can keep our molehills from becoming mountains:

Stop! And Refocus – Discontinue the thought process as quickly as possible.  Continuing to think and rethink the situation over and over again only allows room for that emotion to build up and out of control whether it be fear, anger, or hurt. Refocus your thoughts on the things that are positive and allow them to overshadow everything else that is bringing you down to a negative unsettled place.

Who Cares? – We can sometimes hold on to bitterness and resentment towards a person or situation that has offended us but that only festers into toxic emotions for you  while the person your angry at goes on there merry way without a care in the world.  Most times that person doesn’t even know your’re upset or either has forgotten about the ordeal altogether.  Take my advice and care…about something else that’s more important, positive and deserves your time and attention.

Does It Really Matter – Seriously, we should sit and ask ourselves the question “does it really matter?”  After a day or two, a week or maybe even a month will it really make a difference? No? then let it go. If you can in the midst of one of these molehill building activities just stop and think rather or not it really matters almost 100% of the time it doesn’t.  But it’s up to you to let it go, and when you really let it go guess what?,  it’s gone…done…over;=) And you can keep life moving as you know it.

Go Ahead Talk About It – Seek the Lord in prayer.  God is always there to listen, comfort and guide. Go ahead and vent to a friend.  Articulating your feelings, reasonings and even solutions aloud or on paper can always be a great help into guiding you out of the situation and calming your emotional hype.

Molehills and Mountains, it’s basically how you choose to see things.  You can either view situations with your magnifying  glass seeing everything bigger than it actually is. Or simply put the magnifying glass down and see things just as they are. When you do l assure you life will be much less complicated and overwhelming than you see it. ;=)

Do you ever make a mountain out of a molehill?  What were there results for doing so? If not share how you avoid making mountains out of molehills.