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Titled "Colored Girl"

Titled “Colored Girl”
Size: 18 x 24
Medium: Colored Pencil

“Colored Girl”

My head is covered with the color of…
inspiration, fascination and happiness.
Orange outlined in black signifying power, strength and elegance.

My face is filled with the color of…
wisdom, dignity and creativity.
Tinted with hues of majestic purple symbolizing honesty, independence and royalty.

My lips are painted with the color of…
success, encouragement and determination.
Stained with tones of brilliant orange revealing enthusiasm, charm and imagination.

My neck is stroked with the color of…
truth, love and loyalty.
Blended red and blue manifesting life, passion and tranquility.

My body is dressed with the color of…
faith, endurance and sincerity.
Shades of blue-green reflecting confidence, peace and stability.

I Surround myself with the color of…
energy, joy and happiness.
Washed with vivid yellow evoking sunshine, warmth and cheerfulness.

Colored Girl…