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fgreThis is awesome! Yet another award that Simply Life has been nominated for!! It’s the ABC Award. Much appreciation goes to Clayton Paul. Make sure to check him out at claytonpaul@wordpress.com.

The requirements for this award are to select 8 other blogs I would like nominated for this award. Next write a word or phrase about myself using each letter of the alphabet (how fun!)

So let’s get it started! Below are listed just some of the blogs I would like to nominate for this award. There are so many others deserving as well but I will follow instructions and choose only eight ;=)

1. remediesforhealth.wordpress.com

2. tworiversblog.com

3. 10seventeen.wordpress.com

4. stephaniehaddadblog.wordpress.com

5. trbccoffeebreak.wordpress.com

6. shewalksandtalks.com

7. wadewebsterwrites.com

8. pixavantgarde.com

Finally, these are some words that describe me using each letter of the alphabet.

A – Artistic

B – Balanced

C – Considerate

D – Devoted

E – Encouraging

F – Fun

G – God-fearing

H – Helpful

I – Inquiring

J – Joyful

K – Kind

L – Likeable

M – Mellow

N – Negotiable

O – Original

P – Perceptive

Q – Quiet (Sometimes)

R – Resourceful

S – Sincere

T – Talented

U – Unpretentious

V – Virtuous

W – Wacky

X – Xenodochial (yes, at times I’m friendly/kind to strangers ;+) Definition is from Wiktionary and Urban dictionary of course. LOL…

Y – Yielding

Z – Zealous

There are so many bloggers out there who shares positive subject matter that will touch, uplift, and inspire in great ways!  Let’s continue to be positive and support one another in this blogosphere.  Thanks again Clayton Paul for recognizing Simply Life for the ABC Award!