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fffFriday nights can be filled with any and everything depending on who you are and the lifestyle you like to live.   A lot of people take this day to go out and enjoy a romantic evening with that special one. Then there are those of us who like to  stay in and catch up on a good book or movie. You can’t ignore those festive individuals that like to join up with a group of friends and go out and party the night away…literally…til the morning light.  LOL. just kidding it’s case by case.  Let’s not forget those who like a little  fun and games with family and friends (that would most times be me;=) Hey, it’s all good!  do what fits your mood.  In fact I thought I’d come up with a couple of ideas that you may or may not have considered for making your Friday fantastic!!!

1. Cooking  Contest – Come up with a meal idea and invite a couple of people over to represent as cooks and some as the tasters. Judge on originality, presentation and taste.      Everyone will have fun in friendly competition and all can get their bellies full.  And hopefully no one will get sick;-).

2. Just Because Party! – Backyard, inside, at the restaurant wherever you want it. Throw a “Just Because Party!” Make a cake to help celebrate! Laugh it up with friends, take pictures and dance to all the favorite tunes.  Have everyone shout out their “just because” statement.  “just because I’m a winner!”, “just because it’s Friday!!”, “just because it feels good!”.  Whatever the reason or simply “just because…”.  May sound lame but It will be great! Why you say? well, just because;-)

3. Movie Time! – No, not watching a movie. Family members and friends can write a script, get in costume and make-up and film there on movie.  Afterwards pop a bag a popcorn get drinks.  I’m sure this will be the best entertainment you’ve watched in life! Go for it.  Who knows you Hollywood may be calling you afterwards 😉

4. Treat That Special One! – Yes, that would be you.  Friday night to yourself?  Oh yes, that’s not a bad thing so take advantage when you get those. Enjoy a nice long hot relaxing bubble bath filled with bath salts. Place candles out and just empty your mind and relax your body. Ahh…sounds lovely. But yeah, like I was saying add the candles  and afterwards order in some of your favorite food, your favorite drink poured inside of your favorite glass of course and then take it from there.  Whatever you want to do.  Watch a movie, read a book or just sit back and enjoy the silence.  No text, no calls, no nothing. Your treat, have it anyway you want it because it’s all about you.  Enjoy!

5. Mix It Up! – For most of us going out means dinner at a favorite restaurant, a movie or maybe bowling. Let’s mix it up a little.  How about some karaoke, that would be fun. Try an overnight getaway at least an hour or so away. The next day act like a tourist and visit all the tourist attractions in your own city. Include pictures and everything!  Or how about dancing? attempt dances you don’t already know. If you know a country line dance then go try another kind, like salsa, hip-hop are river dancing. Go enjoy a live play or listen to some poetry.  It’s simply about doing something that’s fun and different. So let’s get to some friday night mixing 😉

Do you have any ideas for Friday night? What’s in your plans?  Anything new and exciting?  Come on and share, you never know what a difference it’ll make.