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liI must say that Kiamyk (blogging partner;-) and I are very happy to have been chosen once again by Clayton Paul from claytonpaul2013@wordpress.com as “co-nominees” for the Liebster award.  This award is to spotlight or introduce newer blogs that are worthy of attention, so that other readers will have the opportunity to learn more about them!

One of the requirements of the Liebster Award winners is to name 10 other blogs which have fewer than 200 followers. This may be somewhat challenging due to some blog sites not showing the number of followers they currently have. While listing your co-nominees make sure to share a link that will take us to the nominees blog.

These are the “co-nominees” for recognition of the “Liebster Award.”

Make sure to stop by and check them out they share great content;=)

1. tailsfromparis.com – Wise sayings & good words from two little girls and their dad.

2. datnaijachick.wordpress.com – A site about trendyness and everything in between.

3. thelovinginstant.com – Beautiful writings of poems and thought.

4. SpeakingofMarriage – Practical marriage tips for a sound relationship.

5. julia4jesus.wordpress.com – Encouragement, inspiration and devotionals.

6. 5minutesformedotcom.wordpress.com – Daily tips that help you make time for life.

7. shewalksandtalks.com – A woman walking the walk and talking the talk.

8. valarielovelightblog.com – A blog about the importance of love.

9. tienny.wordpress.com – An art blog.

10. martinlane80.wordpress.com – A fresh new blog about Christ, art, family, art and creativity.


Next, the awarded blog sites need to answer 10 questions asked by the one who nominated them.  Below are the 10 questions from Clayton Paul at claytonpaul@wordpress.com. (Don’t forget to check out his awesome site as well!)

1.) Are you a “people” person, or more of a “quiet” type?

blessedart- I’m an introvert so it usually takes me more time than most to warm up to a crowd.

02.) Do you like to take charge of projects or just help organize them?

blessedart- Although I work better alone I am the best team player ever and good at helping to organize.

03.) Do you find strangers seem to like starting conversations with you?

blessedart- Definitely! I’m surprised at the information they share. It has always been like that for me and I enjoy it. I’m good at one on one conversations;-)

04.) What is your favorite color? (stop laughing…) 

blessedart- Mostly earth tones, much like the colors you would see on the leaves during this time of year.

05.) Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

blessedart- Umm…I enjoy both, it depends which is better at the moment the book or the movie.

06.) Do your “actions” speak louder than your “words?”

blessedart- Absolutely! Sometimes you don’t have to say a word;-)

07.) If you could do any kind of job, what would it be?

blessedart- Something home-based. Any outlet that allows me to express my creativity and share it with others.

08.) Is a quiet dinner at home with your “special love” better, or is going out dancing?

blessedart- It would depend on my mood, but I’ll say a quiet dinner at home with my “special love.”

09.) Would you choose to go to a ball game or a stage play?

blessedart- Stage play all the way;-)

10.) What, if anything, about yourself would you improve upon?

blessedart- I would improve my overall self.  I always want to be the best I can be, and even better than that because we can all be our better best;-)

Here are the 10 questions I am asking the bloggers that I’ve nominated.

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Would you say you were better at written or verbal communication?

3. What’s your favorite quote and why?

4. Which seasons do you enjoy most?

5. Describe a perfect day for you?

6.  Aside from blogging what do you enjoy doing?

7. Tell us something about you most people would be surprised to know?

8. When are you most at peace?

9. If you were a drink what kind would you be and why? 😉

10. Large crowds or intimate settings?