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believeI so enjoy experiencing home show’s, expo’s, art fairs and things of the like.  So this  weekend was no different as I took the opportunity to attend the King’s Daughters Holiday Festival with a friend. There were various types of merchants set up to  sale their personal crafts, jewelry, food and other services they had to offer to shoppers.  While taking our time to stop and admire all the creative pieces of work and encourage such services we came across a very simple designed product that we thought unbelievable at first.  Not in that very extraordinary, hard to believe kind of unbelievable but more like what?! that is unbelievable!!! The fact that someone took something so simple and basically allowed it to represent itself in its original state with perhaps one or two more elements added to it and presented it with such unstoppable confidence was UNBELIEVABLE!!! My friend and I basically began to question and critique amongst ourselves the nerve of one to do such a thing. But in that we also came to the conclusion that they were doing it…they were making it happen no matter how uninvolved it was, it was working!

Sunday when I made it home and got settled I begin to replay the different events and activities that my friend and I had participated and the different things that were inspiring to me.  Ironically was the fact that the very merchant who had the unbelievable product item and confidence was the was one who probably inspired me the most. The reason that experience inspired me is because it showed me that I can work with what I have. That when it comes to me stepping out  showcasing and growing my talents I need to have “the nerve!” That whatever it is I want to represent me I need to back it with unstoppable confidence.  You know sometimes I find myself analyzing and over thinking things.  Trying to figure out the end from the beginning and looking to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But again, God has taken the time to point out to me the obvious things, the things I already know but have yet to act on which are I can take a leap of faith whenever I’m ready, and when I begin to step out into the unseen His light will lead the way.


Are there some things that you have always wanted to do or said that you would one day do but that day has yet to come?  Well, have you ever thought about why you haven’t? If not perhaps you should and then figure out the steps you need to take in order to make these things come to pass.  No matter how simple or challenging they may be even if it takes trying and trying again I encourage you as well as myself to just do it! Like the saying goes “nothing beats a failure but a try” That means even if you don’t hit the mark so to speak, and have to try again your effort makes a difference and gets you a step closer to your goals than not giving it a try at all.