Today is my (Bo’s) birthday! Bo is my best friend who passed away from cancer earlier this year. I decided to take the time out and share about her today. Especially while I sit writing with the Clark Sisters “Blessed and Highly Favored” playing in the background.

Like the lyrics say in the song “just know that I’m blessed and highly favored” that’s how I feel about the relationship I had with Bo. Even through our ups and downs which I can truly say were very few and far, far, far in between;-) we enjoyed and appreciated one another’s company. We respected each other and I can honestly say we  wanted the best for each other.

She was the kind of friend to me that always told me she loved me. She was so protective and giving. Yeah, that is something that describes her well…she was a giver. Bo had such a giving heart. She would give to anyone in need, she would sacrifice for another even if it would leave her in a place of lack. She would give to friends, she would help out co-workers, charities on television. However God directed her, and she was always blessed in return.

Bo was also hilarious! She was young at heart just like myself, but even more so. We would spend hours on the phone just laughing at life. I mean laughter that would leave us both in tears and the worst belly ache ever. LOL. I smile at the memories 😉 But it wasn’t just with close friends and family that she spread such joy but also with complete strangers. Bo was the kind that would start up a con redaction with someone in the store and the next thing you know they’d be laughing it up just like a couple of good friends.

I thank God for blessing me with a relationship such as this for over 25 years. And the best thing is I can celebrate my Bo full out because in looking back I have no regrets and took nothing for granted. Also, I will see her again and we will celebrate together!

Thank you all for sharing in this post with me in celebration of my Bo’s birthday!

Personal note: Enjoy those you love in life…for afterwards you’ll have only smiles and no regrets.