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We are excited and pleasantly surprised to have been nominated for the ”Versatile Blogger Award!” This nomination comes from an awesome guy by the name of Clayton Paul, at “claytonpaul2013.wordpress.com.” Clayton is a very encouraging and helpful individual in the blog community as well as an exceptional blogger.

Here are the rules, or qualifications as they apply to award recipients:

> Display the award on the blog site.
> Write a post to thank the one who nominated you.
> Share the award with 15 other bloggers whom you feel are deserving.
> Provide a link in the post to their websites, and notify them of the award.
> Share 7 personal points of interest about your life with the blogging community.

A little bit about us:


1. (Blessedart) I enjoy experiencing and spreading love, joy and laughter!

2. (Blessedart) Decorating, shopping and being with family are some of my favorite pastimes.

3. (Blesedart) I’m a visual learner and love to be shown new things.

4. (Blessedart) I believe my hands were blessed to create.

5. (Blessedart) I’m drawn to the simple things in life. It’s all in the details and they make me smile.

6. (Blessedart) I believe there’s nothing better than yielding oneself to God in order to make a difference in the life of another.

7. (Blessedart) Good food, good times with good people…yeah, that’s the life 😉


1. (Kiamyk) I am a very sentimental person. I have a scrapbook where I keep of all the things my husband and I experience for the first time.

2.(Kiamyk) I enjoy making my own cards and gifts for others. Knitting, jewelry making, crafting, poetry and gardening are some of my hobbies.

3.(Kiamyk) Although I consider myself an introvert, I was nominated Sr. Class President, Homecoming Queen and Best Creative Writer my Sr. Year.

4. (Kiamyk) I believe in surrounding myself with people who will challenge me to be better.

5. (Kiamyk) I think no matter what it is or who it is, you should always leave it better than you found it.

6. (Kiamyk) I pay attention to details. Words in a song, conversation, art and life. Little details brings us to the bigconclusions of life.

7. (Kiamyk) Just as the Christ’s love healed me I believe loving someone completely can heal when nothing else can.

These are our 15 nominees in no particular order:

1. Happiness For Strangers: Happy Thoughts – Daily happy thoughts about life, career and more.

2. Sweet Rains – Photography, proverbs and words of wisdom from the bible.

3. Tranquil Mind – Poems, quotes and thoughts of a tranquil mind.

4. Getting Better Headquarters – An average guy with a crazy story running an amazing blog.

5. The Public Blogger – A super talented blogger who sees his writings as performance art and every post as a show.

6. Harsh Reality – A blog containing harsh articles by the opinionated man.

7. Handbook for Life – Personal life experiences and opinions.

8. Beautiful Hello Blog – An inspirational blog about art design and community.

9. Garden Walks Garden Talks – Celebrates beauty and creativity found in gardening.

10. Write Meg – A blogger after my own heart.

11. The Lilly and The Marrow – A down home spiritual blogger.

12. Life Inspired – An inspirational blog full of goodies.

13. Real Marriage – Ken and Pam keeping it real

14. Taste Like Onions – A healthy serving of self and self poking-fun-at.

15. Scribblechic – Reflections Blog.

Again, we thank Clayton Paul for nominating us for the Versatile Blog Award.  We also thank everyone who stopped by to visit our page and a special thanks to all of you who follow, like and comment.

Happy Blogging!

(LB)Blessedart1111 and (KF)Kiamyk from the ‘Simply Life’ and ‘More than Words’ blog sites;-)