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jkjkHave you ever caught a downer from someone? Or are you usually the downer? You know, the carrier of that depressing dispirited attitude. Been around anyone with pride or prejudice lately? How about ungratefulness? Judgemental attitudes? Some people I know have been self diagnosed with an attitude of defeat and hopelessness. This can transfer if you’re around it to long without adequate protection. Negative gossip has been spreading for years now, I’m sure many of us have had a couple of rounds with that one. We are exposed daily to all types of attitude disorders that can put us at risk of catching thoughts and actions that are harmful to ourselves as well as others.

We must be pro active at all times by getting in the practice of doing things that will help protect our hearts and minds as well as aid us in resisting the transference of bad attitudes. As we continually build and protect a strong attitude immune system we can share the antidote for getting rid of some of these unhealthy attitude germs. The actions we take will lower the number of people with bad attitudes. These attitudes may be hereditary or perhaps come by way of unprotected relationships or from not keeping oneself up on attitude immunizations. ย But guess what? If you’re spreading the bad attitudes, and to be honest we all fight with some kind of unhealthy attitude nastiness at some time or another, there is a remedy for it. Try the following prescriptions, they work wonders and will do the job of counteracting the bad attitudes;-)


oiilย The Bad Attitude Antidote

  • Smile – Smiling is a strong medicine for bad attitudes. It has been known to boost a mood and change an attitude in seconds. ย Now that’s good medicine ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Gossip – Good gossip that is, in fact try to do it when you know the person you’re talking about is listening. It will add a dose of confidence and you’ll be spreading good news and good feelings to go along with it.
  • Laugh – You heard the saying ‘laugh and the whole world laughs with you’ well I don’t know about all that but I do know that laughing is highly contagious. I’ve witnessed people including myself who have busted out in uncontrolled laughter even when they were mad about something. Laughter can lighten the mood and make one feel so much better.
  • Giving – You can use this neutralizer in more than one way. Give of your time to sit and listen or share a word of wisdom. Transfer encouragement through prayer or share a card or gift.
  • Love – You can never go wrong with love even if it has to be done from a distance in order to protect yourself. Be patient, forgiving, humble, considerate, hopeful, uplifting and non-judging. ย Because who knows, if not careful it could be you with case of the bad-attitude.