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a swwFor me personally there is almost nothing worse than entering a store or any establishment where I am not greeted. One, because I feel if for no other reason it is their job to do so.  And two, because it is a professional tool that should always be used to set the atmosphere and positively influence the customer experience so that they will enjo, potentially increase purchases, and even return again and again. Those are places where I feel there is no excuses, but then we have people who we come in contact with more often like co-workers, neighbors, and those whom we worship with that fail to   acknowledge each other.  What will it hurt? Go ahead smile, and say hello.  Are you in the practice of sharing greetings with others? Do you even feel this is important in our everyday living? What benefits do you see in greeting someone with a smile or a simple hello if any?

sm You know there are people like my late grandmother and my husband who as they say “know no strangers.”  They will talk with anyone, anywhere, at anytime just as if they’ve known them forever.  Then we have the people who will look you dead in the eye or better yet that do everything in their power to avoid getting eye contact so they won’t have to smile, speak, or acknowledge you in any way whatsoever.  Why do you think that is? Several reasons I’m sure. Myself on the other hand I love to speak to people, anyone, everyone I don’t care it’s just something that I enjoy doing and I want everyone else to join in with me.  So much so, that when I’m out with a friend or family member I usually suggest and even challenge those who are a bit stubborn with fun little dare games that will cause them to get in the habit of speaking to strangers on a regular basis.   I haven’t always been like this, I would say I was somewhere in between but then along the way I just begin to say “hello” more often or some other simple greeting to those I came in contact with. I’ll sometimes go even further than that and make light friendly conversation with someone. It can be fun, refreshing and some of the responses are uplifting and even expected.  Being friendly…but wise is a good thing.  A smile or simply a pleasant look can make you more approachable and set the mood for someone else.

heIn fact I’ll share with you on how last week a friend of mine and myself were shopping around and were approached by a man who was attempting to make a decision on what type of anniversary card to purchase for his wife after twenty plus years.  Well, the gentleman approached my friend and I and asked us to read over the cards he selected to narrow them down to two.  He went on to explain how he had been separated from his wife and by the grace of God they were given a second chance and were back together.  He continued in tears sharing how that day was the day of their anniversary and he just wanted to pick something that was really nice.  He chose us to help with such an important decision.  Well, we were more than happy to be of assistance.  But my point in sharing that with you is to say that if we were walking around with our noses turned up and guarded or perhaps with angry, unfriendly looks on our faces I’m sure he would have passed us by and we would not have had that opportunity to share a smile, a little time, and our opinions in a way that helped brighten someone’s day which in turn made ours even better.  So go ahead, smile and say “hello”. 😉