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imageToday is day twenty-one the final day of the 21- Day Fitness Challenge!! I’m shouting Yippee! Yay! Awesome!! fantastic!! all while doing cartwheels and backwards somersaults…LOL…okay, okay I’m exaggerating but that’s how I feel inside. I am so excited about reaching the end of this challenge. Completing this journey is simply an end that is leading me to a new beginning.  A lifestyle full of health and fitness. Not only have I started the habit of being physically active I have also gained a level of consistency and follow through that I hadn’t had before.  My energy and physical output has increased. And overall I’m happy to have experienced this journey and for all the benefits that have come with it;-) image Thanks to KIAMYK for taking this fitness journey with me.  To lynnlovesrain and  Clayton Paul for their support and encouragement as well as the awesome community of people on the Simply Life blog site. Looking forward to the next challenge…with YOU!!! 🙂