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coToday is day twenty of the 21 – Day Fitness Challenge!  I am very pleased to have made it this far.  The workout out of choice for me this morning was a repeat of Yoga Abs with Rodney Lee. I already notice my body becoming more limber and my core getting strong.  I felt relaxed and focused throughout the movements.  Afterwards I was refreshed and fueled with energy for the day!

Day 19 – Good To Know

Your core which not only consist of your abdomen but as I’ve recently learned it also includes your pelvic muscles, mid and lower back muscles, and even your hip muscles all working together to support the spine and skull. Everything we do seems to be working with our core to make it happen.  From our balance, walking, sitting, posture and basically any activities that we are involved in.  According to staff at Canyon Ranch.com there are some proven benefits of having a stronger core that I have listed below.

  • Alleviates Back Pain
  • Improves Posture
  • Better athletic Performance
  • Improved Balance
  • Safer Everyday Movement

Yoga and Pilates are said to be great exercises that will work to strengthen your core because the postures and poses will target those specific muscle groups.  There are some popular options out there as far as activities and exercises that will strengthen your core.  Just take out some time to do a little research to find out  which ones are right for you.

How did Things Go For You?

1. How did it go for you today? What fitness routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today? If not what was your challenge and what will you do to overcome it?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?