imagesDay 11! Wow we are more than half way through our 21 Day Fitness Challenge and I am so glad about it. It isn’t yet feeling like a habit or even a way of life but I do feel myself  changing my perspective on exercise to something I drudge doing to one that sees exercise as a choice that will benefit me overall. On today I took it to the streets, oh yeah, I went walking.  I felt good, the weather felt good, so it only made sense to me to hit the pavement and I did.  It was actually a nice walk and I could have easily kept on walking except before I knew it I had made it to the place that helped  motivate me to get out and walk in the beginning which was the Thrift Store and the Dollar General located in my neighborhood.   So I perused the aisles in both stores not looking for anything specifically. I’m like that though I don’t need a dime I just love being in the stores, almost any stores and the mere fact that the guy in Dollar General was playing Dean Martin throughout the store added to my already vibrant attitude. Then back home I went with smooth quick strides, tummy tucked and butt tightened;-) Yeah, I enjoyed this walk and all that went with it.

I did not have any challenges today.  I was in control and on top of it completing my walk during the morning hours without any problems at all.  Praise God!! and I mean that! LOL. I felt awesome during and after the walk, perhaps I’ll try to incorporate walking at least 2-3 times a week for 45min – hour. We’ll see, I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I am grateful for the movement on today.

walkDay 11- Good To Know

Walking is something we do daily but how much will it take to see in order to benefit us on a health level. It’s recommended that individuals take at least 10,000 steps each day for exercise, which can be easily measured by a pedometer. Below are 6 tips to help you benefit the most from walking exercises.

  1. Prepare – Locate smooth safe surfaces and minimal traffic areas.  If possible somewhere in your neighborhood.
  2. Unwind – Listen to a music playlist when you walk or listen to an audio book to keep you from being bored and give you a chance to unwind.
  3. Hydrate – Carry a metal bottle filled with water with you to help keep you hydrated.  Consume 8-16 ounces of water an hour before you walk.
  4. Set goals – Decide how long you want to walk , no matter how short it is begin somewhere and increase the time as you build your stamina.
  5. Heart Rate – In order to burn fat and gain health benefits you must eventually hit your THR for a sustained period of time.  You can purchase a heart rate monitor and wear it during your exercise to monitor your target heart rate.
  6. Slow but Steady – Mentally prepare not to see fast results. Write down tangible goals in a notebook. Start slow and aim for shorter distances.  Try and make walking a part of a healthy lifestyle.

How did Things Go For You?
1. How did it go for you today? What fitness routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today? If not what was your challenge and what will you do to overcome it?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?