dosThis is day nine of our 21 Day Fitness Challenge! Didn’t stick to my morning workout routine because I allowed other things that I really wanted to do to take priority. So that’s why I just made myself go through the grueling pain of completing four sets of twenty-five abdominal crunches…those really hurt 😉 I got through them because as hard as it’s becoming I am determined to see this challenge through to the end. I’ve already informed you guys from the beginning that exercise is not my forte so it’s even more straining for me to stay on track when there are other things I am interested in devoting time to, nevertheless, I’m learning each day how important health and fitness really is so it’s definitely worth the sacrifice.

The challenge today was for me to stay on schedule for my workout routine.  I think it’s important that I stick to early mornings because if not I will allow myself to get involved with other activities or task, then time passes by and the next thing you know it’s late and I don’t feel like doing any workout routine at all. I MUST stick with an A.M. routine!!  I will adopt the mind frame that says “Its nothing to it but to do it” and get out of all that I think, I want, I feel because if I give in to how I feel each time I just may not make it through…but that’s not happening! After finishing up with the abdominal crunches I actually felt happy that I went ahead and did them.

Day 9 – Good To Know

Core fitness exercises which has come to mean the same as abdominal conditioning benefit the entire body.  It works to improve your posture, balance, and also build strength and stability in the core.  The most common core exercises include:

  • Abdominal Bracing – Pull the belly button in toward the spine and hold.  Continue breathing while bracing.
  • Plank – Start in a push-up position with the elbows and forearms on the floor.  Hold the back straight and lift one leg.  Lower the leg and repeat with the opposite leg.
  • V-Sits – Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of the body.  Lift the legs to a 45 degree angle. At the same time, reach the arms toward the feet.  The body will resemble a V shape.

What About You?

1. How did it go for you today? What fitness routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today? If not what was your challenge and what will you do to overcome it?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?