takeToday marks the second week of our 21 Day Fitness Challenge! I started out this morning not feeling my best but soon got up and into the swing of things.  I chose to do some Zumba Cardio for some fun and variety.  I did not make it through to the end of the workout but it’s good, that just shows reiterates to me how beneficial  this whole fitness challenge is and how important it is to continue building up my cardio.

The workout was upbeat and contained a lot of variety.  I liked it because it was really about dance moves that help get you fit while having fun. The challenge as I mentioned already was the fact that I felt I couldn’t complete the entire workout. The thing for me to do in this case is to stay consistent and I will soon build up enough stamina OR now that I think about it I can just stop or do some low impact moves until I can catch-up, regroup and join back in. Doing one of the two will be sure to help me overcome this challenge. After the Zumba workout I felt good, energized, and of course out of breath with a burning chest 😉

Day 8 – Good To Know

After a cardio workout it’s important to cooldown for five to ten minutes by easing out of the work out just as you eased into it with a warm-up.  The purpose of the cooldown is to redirect the blood flow back to normal and decrease you body temperature.  This will prevent blood from collecting in one place that can lead to dizziness, nausea or fainting. If your really out of shape or have heart disease skipping a cooldown can put undue stress on your heart. So instead of plopping on the floor or hitting the showers immediately after cardio make sure you cool it down.


What About You?

1. How did it go for you today? What fitness routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today? If not what was your challenge and what will you do to overcome it?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?