This is day-7 of the 21 Day Fitness Challenge that means we have conquered a seven-day week and still going. Yayyy!!! Today I worked on developing in a couple of areas physically.  Being that I spent the morning moving heavy furniture around, bending, lifting  non-stop I would say I easily got in an hour to an hour in a half of strength training, endurance and not to forget cardio. This activity did it for me today, but I’m glad I was able to get it done.  I like that I did physical activity instead of a set exercise routine today because I was able to change things up a bit from the week which is a good thing for me personally.  I actually killed two birds with one stone so to speak.  I was able to complete a task I wanted done as well as meet the daily goal that will keep me on track for the 21-Day Fitness Challenge.

Day 7- Good To Know

Swimming is easy on the body, it’s a great way to get fit, according to Tay Stratton, head swim coach at the Little Rock Athletic Club.

Swimming recruits all the major muscle groups, including the shoulders, back, abdominal, legs, hips, and glutes, she says. And because water affords 12 times the resistance as air in every direction, it really helps to build strength, she says.

Today it was a lot of work but overall it went well. Instead of a traditional fitness routine I completed an activity. I was able to meet my fitness goals of intentionally doing something that will benefit a fitter me and help me achieve the 21-Day Challenge.  After the activity ended I definitely felt like I had worked out, I could feel my heart rate begin to decrease when I sat down and I was aware muscles had been worked because of the sensations in my legs, back and arms.

What About You?

1. How did it go for you today? What fitness routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today? If not what was your challenge and what will you do to overcome it?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?