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What a day! Oh, before I get to that, I posted yesterday about doing some abdominal crunches later in the evening and said I would update you on that intention.  Well, didn’t do them. In fact I didn’t think about them anymore after that. LOL. I see now it will be a good thing if I do all that I plan to do at that designated time and avoid trying to schedule a comeback ;=) So, back to my day today, day-3 of the fitness challenge. I started out early doing some calisthenics but that wasn’t all, in fact the latter part of my day was filled with physical activity that took vigorous movement, and contributed to my goal for increased strength and endurance.  I was doing everything from carrying and pulling trash bags full of clothes to flipping mattresses. I really exerted a lot of energy just by doing activities around the house.  My entire body has had a work out today and I must admit I am sore, yes S-O-R-E sore!! and worn out! It is has a lot today with today or even the combination of the first 3 days of my fitness journey catching up with me. I literally had to take a 30 minute nap, I don’t usually care for naps during the day but I was overtaking by exhaustion;-)

Reflecting on today I like the fact that all exercise do not have to be traditional exercises to be beneficial. Today I’ve put forth the most physical effort since the challenge has begun. I had no real challenges on today but I did not meet my fitness goal of completing the abdominal crunches from yesterday. I will avoid this altogether by completing my entire routine at the time scheduled. Any other routines performed will be in addition to.  After today’s activities I feel sore, weak, exhausted and stiff…yet, it all will be worth it 😉

Good To Know

Functional training is doing exercise that simulate real life movements. Instead of exercises in which you use a machine to grow a muscle bigger or target one area, we would use our entire bodies such as picking up heavy things, throwing, and yard work. These are all real world movements. The benefits of functional training are you get strong, muscles grow bigger but also will be coordinated and work together in balance.

How Was Day-3 For You?

1. What was today’s fitness experience? What routine or activity did you complete?

2. Were you able to meet your fitness goals for today?  If not what was your challenge and how will you overcome it or prevent it from happening again?

3. How did you feel after your fitness work-out or activity?

Share! No matter how it went for you, it doesn’t matter.  I want to have a community of support for anyone who is participating on this 21- Day Fitness Challenge.  Remember also to answer to the questions in the comment box. Day- 3 and really pushing;-)