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habitLately I’ve noticed how things have gotten to where my exercise routine is non extinct and unfortunately not only do I feel it but it’s also beginning to show. I have to say it’s not a good look…Lol.  Anyway, I decided I’m going to do something about it. I made an attempt to come up with different ideas that would motivate me to get back into the groove if you know what I mean. There is so many things I could do like rejoin the gym, get a membership at the community center, going to a boot camp “yada, yada, yada.” The truth of the matter is I’ve tried those things and they just don’t do it for me. However, I won’t give up just yet 😉 I’ll  try something a little bit different by mixing it up. I need lots of variety or else I’ll become bored quickly, distracted or even stop doing the routine all together and I’m not looking for that to happen as in time past.

So What’s My Motivation?

So I’m searching around on the Internet and through the stack of exercise DVD’s  that have been purchased over the years and that are used solely by my husband if at all wondering what could I do that would actually get me motivated for a fantastic fit. Then it hit me, I would complete a 21 day fitness challenge! This is huge for a person like myself whose least favorite pastime would be exercise, but it’s the challenge part that will be my motivation.

Why 21 Days You Say? 21-day-challenge-v2

The whole concept of  getting fit in 21 days comes from personally wanting to test the 21 day theory that basically says if you complete a task for 21 days in a row you will make or break a habit, depending. This idea was introduced by Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s who was originally a plastic surgeon who wrote a book titled  Pycho-Cybernetics.  From his research he noticed that it took 21 days for amputees to stop feeling sensations in the amputated limb. From other observations he noticed that many of his patients kept a poor self-image even after the plastic surgery had improved their appearance. While working with his clients, Dr. Maltz’s found that he could help them improve their self-image without surgery using the same 21 days to create changes in their mindset.  It is said that it takes 21 days in a row for new neural pathways to be fully formed in your brain.  I don’t know, for some it may take a year, 90-days, or 2 weeks to form a habit it all depends.  However, I decided to go with the 21 days because the thought of it being a possibility inspires me to meet the challenge in hopes that it will be habit-forming by then ;-).

What’s the Break-Down?

  • Exercise – Do something!! get that heart rate up!
  • Activity Task – Complete the different task that will be added to the routine daily.
  • Keep Record! – Use a calendar, vision board or notebook to check off the days exercises were completed and any other activities relevant to the challenge.
  • 21 Consecutive Days – Be consistent! If you miss a day you need to start again from day one in order for the challenge to prove successful.
  • Share – Use the comment box to answer the questions and share your experience each day.


Keep In Mind All The Time…

This challenge will start Monday, September 30th and continue on until Sunday, October 20th which will mark the end of the 21 days.

Mentally/Physically – Mentally prepare for what it will take to get started, recognize there will be sacrifices and days you don’t want to do it, develop a plan to overcome those days. If you can, get a head start this weekend by doing some type of exercise or activity such as taking a walk or jumping rope in the drive way. This will give you the boost you need and a mind-set geared toward being more physical. If you decide you’ll need to wake up earlier to get your exercise in make sure and go to sleep early so you can get enough rest to be energized and alert the next day.

Set-Up For Success – Have a strategy for the 21 days. You can even plan one day at a time, intentionally set up for success. Go online and look up different exercises and how they will work for you and what you want to accomplish with your body. Gather together equipment you will need for your fitness plan. Schedule times and locations where you can exercise without distractions. Check the library out and see if you if they offer any DVD’s that you would consider adding into your fitness routine. Plan meals in advance, set your mind to make healthier choices.

Small Goals – Don’t set your mind on 21 days that may be overwhelming for some (like myself;-) Take it one day at a time. Just make the committment to do some form of exercise, whatever it is, for however long for 21 days it’s up to you just make it worth your time and attention.

Stay Positive – Speak life! Tell yourself you’re doing it, congratulate yourself when it’s done and encourage yourself for the next day 😉 If some rare but urgent matter occurs where you have to start over don’t beat yourself up just keep it moving.


Share Your Answers For You Fitness Plan

1. What is your fitness goal?

My fitness goal is to tone up and increase strength and endurance.

2. What is your reason for getting fit?

For an overall more healthier, energetic me!

3. What is your strategy?

My plan is to do 45 minute of exercise daily, including various cardio activities, yoga and weights for 21 days straight.

Join the Challenge!

I invite you to participate in this 21-day fitness challenge.  Make sure to subscribe to receive your daily emails from Simply Life.  Share the challenge with family and friends and encourage them to join!