Its-a-lovely-thing-when1Don’t ask me why but my environment and the way things are done have a way of affecting me emotional. I love keeping it simple, getting straight to the point anything else causes unnecessary frustrations, stress and difficulty. If the house is in disarray, or schedules aren’t being kept I am frustrated and out of sync but on the other hand when everything is in its place and preparations have been made for easy flow then I’m peaceful, happier, and more energetic.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


1. Prepare – Prepare for everything! Church every Sunday. Try to have a months worth of outfits cleaned and in the closet for that specific occasion. Grocery trip. Make a list and a menu. Use ONLY a specified amount of allotted CASH so you won’t over spend and can concentrate on the things you need more so than those little extra things you want. If you’re visiting a new location and not sure how to get there MapQuest for driving directions. Take a test drive to located it before the day your to be there. Leave at least 10 min earlier to ensure timeliness. These tips will help you with time management and a less stress filled life!

2. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” – If the situation is one you can walk away from…simply walk away. Is it something that will even matter a week or more from now? If not let it go and move on to something better. Pick your battles, not all are worth fighting.

3. Cook More Than Enough – If possible cook multiple meals for the week and freeze them.  This will give you extra free time to focus on other priorities and make meal time easier and clean up quicker.

4. Plan For The Week Ahead – Write down scheduled appointments, specific days to wash or complete chores, meetings or lunch dates.  This will give you clarity on the upcoming week and allow you to get more done with your time. Even if unexpected changes come up you won’t be to far off course.

5. Theres More Than One Way – Everyone has an opinion, you’re not always right, and there is more than one way of seeing things. Open up and be more receptive to others, that doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with what they’re saying.

6. Take Time Out For You – At least twice a month take out time for yourself. Relax with a good read. Watch a good movie alone, or with a friend. Watch a sunset. Enjoy the simple things in life.

7. Focus On Priority Not Majority – Start with one or two priorities at a time and follow through until completion before moving on to something else. You will be surprised at how much more you will get accomplished this way.

8. Keep it Moving! – Don’t spend your time dwelling on negative people or situations instead keep it moving by finding positive perspectives and removing yourself mentally and physically from the situation.

9. “Just Do It!” – Whatever steps it will take to get started on doing what you want to do. Overcome fear, doubt, and judgement and simply do it. It may be your greatest accomplishment ever.  You’ll never know until you try!

10.  Be Wise With Your Money – Try budgeting your money for one week by labeling envelopes with the different things you need to put your money toward.  For instance an envelope for car payment, groceries, savings, misc/personal ect. After you spend the  money out of each envelope for its designated purpose, that’s it. Do not transfer any money out of the other envelopes or withdraw out of your bank account. This will help you stick to a budget, develop discipline and save money!!

I hope these tips will inspire you live a simpler more enjoyable life! ; =)

If you have any other tips to make life easier please share in the comment section.