lifelistHave you ever saw the 2007 movie The Bucket List that stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?  The storyline is about two terminally ill patients “While sharing a hospital room together, they decide to leave it and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list. In the process, both of them heal each other, become unlikely friends, and ultimately find joy in life.” Soon after that I saw an article online about creating a bucket list so I decided to create my own bucket list that I like to refer to as a “Life List” instead.

A Life List?

In case you don’t know what a  “life list” is it’s simply a list of things you want to do, places you want to go, and people or things you want to see.  It’s aspirations, goals, and dreams fulfilled during your lifetime.

In the past two days we worked on everyday goals to make life more productive.  A “life list” is a combination of everyday goals that are important to you as well as big dreams and visions that you would like to experience. Nothing is off-limits. ;=)


Purpose of A Life List

A life list helps you to get the most out of life by taking the opportunity to experience it to the fullest, and to customize it by doing the things that matter to you. It gives you more clarity, focus, and purpose for living and even more than that, it opens your mind up to possibilities you may have never even considered before.

Some of you may already have a life list, if so make sure you are constantly reviewing it, and even adding more items to the list as you scratch others off. For those of you who haven’t created a life list yet there is no better time than now to get started! Just grab a pen and paper, or get comfortable at the computer. Make a list of whatever comes to mind. Where is someplace you always wanted to visit? Is there anyone you would want to meet in person? Think about things you would do if money, time, or resources were not a factor and write them down. Make sure you list at least 100 things or more…remember there are no limits!

100 Things On MY Life List

This is my life list (in no particular order)  that I created and even compared with a friends so that we can work on sharing some of the experiences together! Maybe some of the things on my list will help you get going or even add to a list you’ve already started!

1. Learn a foreign language.span

2. Stay at an all-inclusive resort.

3. Take a cruise on the sea.

4. Go on a trip with no predetermined destination.

5. Build passive income.

6. Donate money to charity.

7. Volunteer at a charity.

8. Participate in a marathon to race money for cancer.

9. Go parasailing. parasailing

10. Go up in a hot-air balloon.

11. Swim with dolphins.

12. Fly in a helicopter

13. Help someone in need.

14. Perform a kind deeds to strangers

15. Learn to swim.

16. Throw an “Appreciation Party.”

17. Throw a semi-formal “Jazz Christmas.”

18. Host a couples dinner.

19. Throw a surprise party for someone special.party

20. Exhibit art in gallery or museum.

21. Take a cruise on the”Smooth Jazz Cruise.”

22. Create my family tree.

23. Start a non-profit organization.

24. Achieve my ideal weight and maintain it.

25. Write a book.

26.  Create my life mission statement.

27. Find my life’s passion.

28. Go snorkeling.

30. Sleep under the stars.

31.  Get featured in print for a proud achievement.

32. Take dance lessons.

33. Sing karaoke.

34. Perform 21 days of kind deeds to perfect strangers.

35. Achieve goal weight.

36. Build muscle, strength and endurance.

37. Practice yoga (stretches).

38. Start home-based business doing something I love.

39. Design and sale line of greeting cards, invitations and announcements.

40. Go horseback riding.horse

41. Write an e-book.

42. Publish a best seller.

43. Watch a chicago broadway show.

44. Take a train ride.

45. Sleep on the beach.

46. Achieve and dwell in financial abundance.

47. Take my husband on the trip of his dreams.

48. Leave an inheritance for my children.

49. Adopt a healthier lifestyle.

50. Establish family traditions.

51. Have more romance in marriage.

52. Create a life list.

53. Create my favorite quote list.

54. Paint/Draw a self-portrait

55. Donate artwork to a worthy cause.

56. Start a web blog.

57. Give a dozen roses to my mom.

58. Visit Cancun Mexicolas

59. Visit Las Vegas

60. Put together a Will.

61. Attend a Jazz Festival.

62. Pay a visit to Mt. Everest.

63. See the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

64. See Niagara Falls in person.

65. Visit Atlantis with family.

66. Visit Orlando Florida attractions (Holy Land Experience). holy

67. Become debt free.

68. Read the bible from beginning to end.

69. Go ice skating

70. Plant and grow a garden.

71. Go to a costume party (70’s party).

72. Try skiing.

73. Leave kind notes on random cars.

74. Send just because gifts to family and friends.

75. Attend a concert to see Israel Houghton.

76. Attend live jazz concert.                    jazZ

77. Teach someone to read.

78. Read to a group of young children and/or the elderly.

79. Attend a live magic show.

80. Plan romantic candlelit dinner.

81. Be a guest on a movie or video set.

82. Be a part of a live studio audience.

83. Attend an air show.

84. Attend a water show.

85. Generate consistent income doing what I enjoy.

86. Take a family vacation to agreed upon location.

87. Stockpile items to give to those in need.

88. Write for magazine print or online.

89. Tell others about the love of Jesus and the gift of salvation. (ongoing).

90. Re-decorate home inside and out.

91. Learn photography.

92. Sleep on the beach. sleep

93. Make exercise a regular habit.

94. Watch a football/baseball game live.

95. Go scuba diving.

96. Go on a romantic getaway.

97. Eat s’mores around a campfire.

98. Learn to lay flooring.

99. Learn sign language.

100. Invent and sale an amazing product.

Get Started Now!

1. Keep it before you, review and update it often.

2. Don’t allow it to be just a “wish list” take steps to actually move toward these goals even if they seem unattainable at the moment. Remember everything is possible with God!

3. Share them with whoever will listen you never know how or what will work in  your favor! ;=)