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getherdoneYesterday we began Productive Living  Pt.1 where we listed 3 goals that we would focus on completing that day and the plan of action we would take to achieve those goals.  This was gratifying for me and I was pleasantly pleased with the results because I made head way on a project that I said I would do several months ago yet by taking clearly defined steps to attain it I completed the project within one day! Even in completing these projects I reflected on why I had taken so long to do them in the first place and thought about how great it would be to get even more things accomplished and how I could execute them more efficiently.

1. Stop Daydreaming And Make It Happen!

That is such a personal statement ;=) and definitely a habit I’m freely letting go.  While setting goals it’s so easy to come up with these fantastic ideas that are never to be realized.  We can sometimes dress it up and beautify it with our planning and creative imaginations but that’s as far as it goes. Completing my goal (specifically the sign project) on yesterday only further confirmed that sometimes things aren’t happening simply because we don’t make it happen. We have to make it happen! We have to get in there and get it started.  That’s the only way to help break any area of unproductivity.

2. Set a straight forward objective for projects or goals, and review them regularly.

The whole idea of writing the goal down along with a plan of action gives a clear visual and helps to set the ball in motion so to speak.  The fact is creative minds always come up with new ideas and things to do in addition to lifes daily task.  This can become overload and result in zero productivity.  A good way to avoid this is to write down the activity, revisit it often, and execute!

3. Take Baby Steps!

Okay not baby steps, but start small even if it is a big goal that you’re working toward   break it down into a reachable goal that you will more likely take action on. With the Dallas Trip being one of my bigger goals  I’m working toward it by first setting a smaller goal of researching transportation information and setting aside finances specifically for that trip. Once you break your larger goals down to smaller step they will become more realistic, become more manageable, more rewarding throughout the process, and overall you will have better success at reaching the goals.

4. Establish A Regime

Decide to develop a planned system to follow daily.  This will set up a routine way of doing things and getting a lot more accomplished. If it doesn’t work the first time maybe it will take you a couple tries to get a customized routine that will work for you. Of course it will change daily depending on additional activities.  For the most part you should set a core schedule that is beneficial to you with things that you want to put energy toward as part of your daily living.  Some of the things I would include in my daily routine are meals at specific times, exercise, projects, phone calls, emails , text and even scheduled time to break and relax.  Like I said work it the way it works for you 😉 but get with a routine.

5.  Do You Really Need To?…If Not Then Don’t

Phone calls that aren’t beneficial to you present moment, television breaks to watch the last 10 minutes of a show you missed last night, daydreaming of what you want to do…Do you really need to?…then don’t.  These are absolute distractions and time wasters . The more we cut out these productivity vampires the more we can scratch off or productivity list.  Face it we only have 24 hours in a day and there is so much we want to get done and in order to do so we have to be wise and disciplined, so if there are things that we are allowing to prevent us from giving attention to our overall goal which is productive living then we need to stop and ask ourself..Do you really need to? if the answer is no, then don’t.  Keep it moving!

What About You?

Are there any discoveries that you found particularly useful while working on your goals/projects?

Would you adopt any of the tips above to help you with productivity?  If so which one’s?